Leave your whole pension pot untouched


You don’t have to start taking money from your pension pot when you reach your ‘selected retirement age’ (the age you agreed with your provider to retire). You could leave the money invested, e.g. while you’re working.

  • The money in your pot could grow.
  • You could have more money to last a shorter length of time.


You don’t pay tax while the money stays in your pot.

Money you leave in your pot can be passed on tax free if you die before the age of 75. Find out what happens to your pot when you die.

Fees and investment risk

You may be charged extra fees if you don’t start taking your money when you reach your selected retirement age. Check with your provider.

As with every investment the value of your pot could go up or down.

Continuing to pay in

You (and your employer) can continue to pay into your pot but there may be restrictions.

You usually pay tax if savings in your pension pots go above the annual allowance. This is currently £40,000 a year.

Estimate how much your pot could grow


Book a free Pension Wise appointment to find out more about what you can do with your pot.


If someone contacts you unexpectedly about getting money out of your pot before you’re 55, it’s nearly always a pension scam.

Next steps

Ask your pension provider the following questions:

  • Do I have to take the money by a certain date?
  • What fees will you charge if I leave my money longer?
  • How much is the pot likely to grow each year?
  • How is the money invested and can I change this if I want?
  • How much can I still pay in?
  • Does my pot have any special features that could mean I get a better deal, e.g. a guaranteed annuity rate?
  • Do you have up-to-date details of the person I want to leave my pot to (my ‘beneficiary’)?